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ECU Cloning & Recovery

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In times for whatever reason the cars ECU has developed a fault, be it from water ingress or by potential file upload/remap gone wrong and the ECU has now become faulty or inoperable, this is where our ECU cloning service becomes a great option to save money where otherwise would be a costly repair going through dealerships or other routes. 

ECU Cloning coverage (but not limited by)

Bosch ECU Cloning EDC15V / EDC15P / EDC16U1 / EDC16U31 / EDC16U34 / EDC16C9 / EDC16C34 / EDC16C39 / M3.8.3 / ME7.1.1 / ME7.5

ECU corrupt file recovery

Bosch ECU recovery EDC15V / EDC15P / M3.8.3 / ME7.1.1 / ME7.5

For example we have also successfully done ECU cloning on BMW/Ford/Vauxhall ECUs that might not be listed above, if you have any questions on if i can do you ECU and it is not listed please mail me on.

Email: info@kodebaron.com

When you are choosing for the ECU cloning serivce, a suitable replacement for your current one, 95% of the time it is alot easier and a higher success rate to have the exact same part number and hardware numbers, however I understand in the likes of some Focus RS ecus for example I have used a ST ECU as a donor which works and uses different numbers.

Once you are ready to send the ECU/s and payment, please enclose a slip of paper with the return address, all ECUs are sent back Royal Mail Tracked for your peace of mind and I do aim for same day return dispatch if not then it is the following day (Excluding weekends and bank holidays).

After Payment has been sent through i will email you with a shipping address to post the ECU to.

Please send all paypal payments to Kodebaron@outlook.com (friends and family/Gift or cover the fees), if you wish to bank transfer you can contact me directly on facebook or at info@kodebaron.com


Price for Recovery and ECU cloning on the listed ECUs above is £60 this includes return postage to you.

ECU Cloning service in Newcastle - Gateshead