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ECU Deimmobilising

ECU Deimmobilising

In times where the cars ECU is needed to have the immobiliser removed be it for an Engine conversion on a project car or you want a plug and play ECU in times for testing as a spare and don't have the tools to code in everytime, then our ECU Deimmobilising service is the ideal solution for you.

At the moment there is a limited range of ECU's covered to guarantee a fast and consistent service, over time this can expand.

The Current ECU coverage list for this is;

Petrol ECU Deimmobilising

M3.8.3 / ME7.1.1 (ex MK5 R32) / ME7.5 / SIEMENS SIMOS 3.x

Diesel ECU Deimmobilsing

EDC15P / EDC15V / EDC16U1 / EDC16U31 / EDC16U34

On most ECUs this identification tag will be printed on, if unsure please contact me.

Please choose vehicle fuel type


ECU Deimmobilsing service in Newcastle - Gateshead

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