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Feature Enablement/Coding

Feature Enablement and coding

When cars leave the factory there is sometimes features that we see on a higher spec that we wish to see, if a modification can be done with the cars coding this can achieve a visual enhancement or improvement in day to day usage.

Every car is different and there is a multitude of aspects of the car which can and are normally different to another one of the similar spec/year etc.

Most vehicles with feature enablement and coding ranges from roughly 2000 - Current 2018 models and future.

Depending on the cars modules and vehicle for example on a 2014 MK7 Golf R the following features can be activated;

Throttle Response improvement

Electronic Differential Stiffner

Locking/Unlocking beeps (Acoustic confirmation)

Seatbelt warning delete

Needle sweep (Most R's come with this but on the off chance its not it can be activated)

US Marker front lights

Pace Car rear lights

Extended Rear brake lights

Exhaust Flap disable

In cabin Sound actuator disable

Headlight washer jet disable

Passenger Mirror Dip

and more...

On a 2006 MK5 Golf for example there will be fewer features to do;

Locking/Unlocking beeps (Acoustic confirmation)

Anti Jack (Locks when the car reaches 10Mph

Auto Unlock

Auto Boot pop coding

US marker lights

Seatbelt warning delete.

If you are unsure what can be activated on your car please drop me an email on

Or contact me via one of my social media pages.

Due to the nature of this I can only offer this service locally I will need to be with the car to carry out this service.

Prices of this service do vary from car to car and what jobs are required but normally fall into the £30-£60 range.

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