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ECU Remap service


ECU Remapping / Postal ECU remap service

In times where you feel you want a bit more out of your car but want to still keep everything within a safe tolerance, then a ECU remap will definitely be the option.

Here at Kodebaron we offer a local and postal service on ECU remaps, we can offer EGR deletes, DPF deletes, Popcorn/Hardcuts and more...

(Extras like popcorn etc do depend on the ECU support).

At the moment there is a limited range of ECU's covered to guarantee a fast and consistent service, over time this can expand.

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Although all ECU remaps supplied are tried, tested, and well within a safe tolerance, when remapping a vehicle this will expose any weak components within the vehicle, I.E if the vehicle has a boost leak or a worn turbo or hasn't been looked after this can have a crucial impact on components leading to potential failure, Kodebaron and affiliates take no responsibility to what happens with the vehicle after a map has been applied and no refunds will be issued.

If this warning is making you have second thoughts then I would advise against a remap until you are confident with your vehicle, any questions and queries however don't hesitate to contact me on info@kodebaron.com


ECU Remap service in Newcastle - Gateshead