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Fault scan/Diagnostics and Health checks

Fault code retrieval and diagnostics

Sometimes there will be points in life where the car wont seem to be running as good as it should, maybes there is a light on that shouldn't be on or has just come on.

Here at Kodebaron we can do health checks, fault code retrieval and recoding/calibrations.

Below is a few examples of services offered by Kodebaron.

  • Fault code retrieval

  • Live data logging

  • Health check

  • Service light resets

  • Airbag light resets

  • Remote central locking re-syncing and battery refresh

  • ABS pump coding

  • Steering and ABS re-calibration sequences carried out

  • Torsion/Timing Fine tuning

  • and much more...​

Due to the nature of doing this practice it does require the car to be in my presence, unfortunately this does mean i can only offer this service out to local and surrounding areas.

if you need to have your vehicle plugged in please don't hesitate to contact me on


Fault diagnostics and coding service in Newcastle - Gateshead

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